Email notifications now suddenly arriving without a body

Email notifications now suddenly arriving without a body. Email arrives with subject (example: MCEBuddy successfully converted a video). But there is nothing in the body. Previously the body contained Source Video, Converted video, Profile, Conversation task, Converted at, and Time taken to convert. Using Version 2.5.2. There does not appear to be a setting under Email to limit what is the the body. This started on December 14th for me.

I use Office Outlook 365- I also checked with my ISP ( and email also shows up without a body there.


There hasn’t been any change to this anytime recently. Attach your MCEBuddy.log file

I knew that whatever caused this was most likely self-inflicted. After reviewing the log, I knew this to be true- the Skip the body box was checked. Further searching revealed the box that I promptly unchecked. Program solved.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply.

eMail On Success -> True
eMail On Failure -> True
eMail On Cancellation -> True
eMail On Start -> True
eMail On Download Failure -> True
eMail On Queueing -> True
Custom subject for Successful conversion ->
Custom subject for Failed conversion ->
Custom subject for Cancelled conversion ->
Custom subject for Start of conversion ->
Custom subject for Download Failure ->
Custom subject for Queueing conversion ->
Skip eMail Body for notifications -> True


I just had to do a clean install. I can not find where eMail on Success settings. Sorry to bother you, Goose.

MceBuddy Settings-System Settings- eMail Subject Customization is grayed out.

Make sure that the Send email option has been configured and enabled on the Settings → General Settings page first


I forget to thank you for your prompt reply a couple days ago. I simply missed the Send Email in General settings. Although it was greyed out, it does respond to a click- a blame it entirely on\ old eyes. Thanks again.