.edl file not moved from working directory to destination directory

A edl file is being created in the show in the …Temp/working0 directory. After completion of commercial removal, this file is not being moved to the destination directory- rather it remains in the working directory- and is deleted when the working directory is automatically deleted. The recorded show, and a .srt file are moved correctly to the destination directory. Any ideas- I would to save the .edl file.

More info: the SHOW name.txt file ia being created in the working directory. It simply is not being moved to destination location along with the show name.wtv and the show name.srt file.

Can you explain why you want the edl? Are you cutting out the segments defined in the generated edl? If that is the case the edl generated from the source file won’t be valid for the destination video file. Maybe share how your conversion task is setup so we can get a better picture of what you are trying to accomplish.

Thank you so much for your reply. I realized shortly after I posted that my post was not clear! Let’s start over.

I love MCEBuddy- and I have used it for literally years (without any customization in editing parameters.) Last weekend I recorded 2 College and Professional Football (USA) football games. I noticed on playback, that many commercials were not cut out. I just wanted to see if what commercials were being cut. Historically I would go to files location and simply open the .edl file with Notepad- and see what was being cut. But this time, there was no .edl file. Apparently, it is being cut after conclusion with newer MCEBuddy versions. I know the .edl (actually a .txt file) file is being created because DURING THE PROCESSING it appears when looking at the TEMP/WorkingFile location. But when I check back AFTER THE CONCLUSION of MCEBuddy processing, the file is gone.

No huge issue. I can bring up the show’s log from the top right on the MCEBuddy main GUI. Then search for MCEBuddy.CommercialScan.Scanner and I can see the detected commercials. So all is good. I can determine find commercials this way.

I will review again when I record 2 football games this coming weekend. Since I did not change any settings, all I can do now and hope that the issues I had last weekend were a one-time fluke. Stay tuned- I will report back early next week.

You’d probably need to add a Post Conversion Task to copy the edl file to the destination folder. I don’t use commercial detection in MCEBuddy so I don’t know what normal behavior is. Hopefully someone else with more experience can help.

Something like this in your profile should copy the edl file. I haven’t tested.

CustomCommandParameters="/c copy /V /Y "%workingpath%\*.edl" "%destinationpath%""