Discovery on NFO files on Kodi while scrapping

My Setup is Hdhomerun on Comcast using WMC for recording with MCEbuddy and it forwards everything to my Network Drive.

Alright question answered ! A while back MCEbuddy started adding nfo’s to TV shows recorded that was great news ! But for some reason my kodi setup would not see them till I went in and created a folder with its own NFO for the season using Ember Media Manager. A little back ground on Ember a lot of us like to control our NFO’s Posters and Fanart to be in the same folder on our hard drives and this works great except for New TV show they needed to be scanned once by Ember so you could see the new episode, after that MCEbuddy’s when adding additional episodes had no trouble being seen.

I have several Kodi setups running on Raspberry’s this week I was testing one setup with out using Ember and was using the Stock Kodi scrapper TVDB. And this week a brand new series called 911 TV show was added. The next morning All my setups auto update and the one using Kodi TVDB shows 911 has recently added episodes ! All the ones using Ember did not , because I need to go in and add it manually !

Mystery solved ! Using stock Kodi and MCEbuddy shows up !

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