NFO File Missing Data

Why starting with 2.5.1 final version on forward does MCEBuddy produce a NFO file for media Center but it just has the show name and season and date in it. All the other metadata is in the mp4 file but not in the nfo file? I use emry and all else is good but metadata is empty?

Can you attach your conversion log and the NFO file generated

Bull_WUSADT_2019_11_18_21_59_00.wtv-Convert to MP4-2019-11-19T02-05-00.2531658-05-00.log (2.1 MB)

NFO contents
[ (D:\Users\Michael\Desktop\S04E08-Safe and Sound.nfo)]

The logs look fine, I don’t see the attached NFO file but I replicated your settings here and the NFO comes out fine here.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
	<xrecorded />
	<xaffiliate />
	<title>Safe and Sound</title>
	<plot>Bull mounts the defense of an old college friend who is charged with negligent homicide after his youngest child kills his eldest with his handgun.</plot>
	<uniqueid type="imdb" default="true">tt5827228</uniqueid>
	<uniqueid type="tvdb">311945</uniqueid>
	<uniqueid type="tmdb-tv">66840</uniqueid>
		<name>Michael Weatherly</name>
		<name>Freddy Rodríguez</name>
		<name>Geneva Carr</name>
		<name>Jaime Lee Kirchner</name>

Attach your NFO so I can compare them