Cut first 50 seconds

Using nextpvr for my recordings and have added 1 minute pre-padding to my recordings as some shows start early and I miss the opening. Minimum pre-padding for nextpvr is 1 minute.

I have had comskip mess up as well at times skipping over part of the show before the show opening and so have forced comskip to mark the first 190 seconds as show.

What I’d like mcebuddy to do during the conversion is cut the first 50 seconds of all recordings, that should be enough to prevent any mishaps and cut most of the previous show.

Conversion Task -> Expert Settings -> Cut start

Enabling that option works great for the start of the video, but its also cutting the last 50 seconds, I’ve tested this on multiple files and its the same. No I do not have “cut end” option turned on, if i enable it then it will cut a 100 seconds instead.

Turning “cut start” off and the last 50 seconds return as do the beginning 50 seconds. where in the conf files are these values set? So i can check if i need to just edit it manually.

Assuming you haven’t enabled the Cut end option or modified the profile in anyway, try to turning of commercial detection, it maybe your Comskip.INI settings which are cutting off the end.

MCEBuddy.conf file should not be edited manually. All settings are done through the user interface only.