Can MCEBuddy remove buffer at front and back of a recording

Hi, I am new to MCEBuddy. Having rebuilt my Plex server, which I currently use with HDHomerun to record OTA TV shows, I have decided to try and use MCEBuddy top process my recordings.
I am currently using the Plex DVR to schedule and record TV programs which I then trim and convert in Avidemux which is very time consuming.
I understand with Comskip MCEBuddy can remove commercial breaks during the program but what about at the start and end? The reason being I have to set a 2 minute buffer at the front and end of a recording as often the air time is slightly different from the EPG time. As a result it misses the start or crops the end of a show.
Can MCEBuddy deal with this and what are the effects of the processed file? Is there a blank portion at the start and end corresponding with the buffer or will it “Trim” the file length?
Many thanks

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