Beginning of Shows Being Cut

I am using mcebuddy2x with default comskip settings, and the entire beginning segments of shows are getting cut. Any advise would be appreciated.

Hi. Do you have a log for one of the shows being cut? Also, what program are you recording with? Some people record a minute in advance of a show starting so Comskip can judge the commercial breaks and logos. That brings me to another question. Is the show you are removing commercials with one of those channels that will double screen the start of the next program with the ending credits of another?

Please elaborate.

Also, consider checking out Comskip forums at Comskip Support Forum • Index page for issues with Comskip, tweaks and tricks.

I am using WMC on Win7. HDHR3s for tuners. It is cutting large chunks of the beginning. Some shows it does fine but most are missing a large chunk. My recordings normally start a few minutes early, but if all tuners are in use, it can’t start early. Attached are logs for 2 shows it cut off. Thanks in advance. Poker After Dark_NBCSNHD_2016_10_08_21_28_00.wtv-Convert to MP4-2018-06-19T01-05-11.1228803-05-00.log (756.7 KB)
Restaurant Startup_CNBCH_2015_12_24_20_58_00.wtv-Convert to MP4-2018-06-18T23-20-14.9732533-05-00.log (1.5 MB)

Just curious, if you archived/backup any of the videos. If so could you manually run it through Comskip through ComskipGUI and see what is going on. You may have to play with the INI and keep trying on certain shows or channels. Also, you could reconvert it through MCEBuddy with just detect commercial options and see if the cut is matching the first break.

I have certain channels I have to tweak the ini and make a custom task for it or else this happens to me most of the time for those few channels.

I hope someone else with more experience will take a look and give you thoughts.

One thing that I added to my INI files is to always keep the first and last 5 minutes. You can adjust to keep what you want.


The defaults of Comskip will not work well, period. You can really go down the rabbit hole on different comskip.ini’s, but I’ve found the best source for me was checking out the comskip forums for ini’s built by the creator. I’ve been using the XFinity one to good success.

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Thank you all for your replies. I will try to combine all of the suggestions and see what I get. Unfortunately, I already let comskip go through 10TB worth of recorded shows with the default ini. Luckily it errored out on 80% of them due to insufficient disk space (it was using C:\ for temp which is just a small SSD, and I had 8 threads going).

Question…how does it know which videos to process and which have already been processed? I have it doing the files in the recorded tv folder and replacing the original when complete.

It uses the history log…