Conversion: Copying/Moving Files Bottlenecks PC Network Connection

Hi All,
I’ve had this problem since the start, I figured it was just my setup, but just in case I’m missing a setting somewhere that will help with it. I am grabbing and sending the source and converted files over my network, when it does, my PC loses internet and my network drives are super sluggish if accessible at all. I can see it taking about 10 minutes to transfer files, but is the shutting down of my overall network something normal, too? If I manually transfer a file between the PC and network drive, I can still browse internet and get to other drives, so thought MCEBuddy may be doing something on a system level that is taking over. I do have to remember to reboot all my devices from time to time, which helps with the transferring speeds, but it still seems to lock me out of my overall network.