Is it possible to limit network bandwidth used at the beginning and end of conversions

I have MCEBuddy reading a network share from my NAS. The DVR runs on my NAS and pulls information from a network tuner (HDHomeRun). I’ve been experiencing garbled recordings which I believe are due to network saturation. When MCEBuddy ends a conversion (and possibly starts a conversion) it floods the NAS’s network card with traffic. The NAS then fails to receive data from my network tuner, resulting in a garbled recording during the period of the network transfers.

Is there a way to limit the amount of bandwidth used by MCEBuddy when performing these transfers? If not, I’d like to make this a feature request.

I’ve attempted to use link bonding (LACP) but since that is partially a round robin protocol, it’s still possible for the DVR and MCEBuddy traffic to end up on the same link.