Adjust EDL file and Chapters when CUT START is used

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Win 10 64bit

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If an existing EDL file is used, and the CUT START feature is used, chapters are out of sync.
The EDL File should be adjusted based on the CUT START value (e.g. if cut start is set to 12 seconds, all of the EDL entries should be shifted forward 12 seconds).

Same is true when Chapters are carried forward.


Been investigating this, MCEBuddy itself adjusts for the cut START and cut END while processing the EDL file and cutting the video. However it does not modify the original EDL file.

So if you’re removing the commercial it should work fine. I’m guessing in your case you’ve only detecting commercials and not actually cutting them. Is that correct? Can you attach your conversion log?

Thanks for looking into this.

Your assumption is correct: I have an existing EDL file (created at recording time by ComSkip), and I have CUT START set in my MCEBuddy task. The ultimate goal is to set chapter markers in the resulting file to skip commercials rather than cut them.

I don’t have any existing LOG files that are still active. I’ll try to stage this problem and will post new logs …

Okay I think we’ve solved the issue in a better way. If a saved EDL file is found, MCEBuddy will correct the EDL itself to adjust for any trimming and remuxed skipped seconds etc so that all downstream operations (chapters, subtitles, cutting commercials etc) are properly synchronized.

Try today’s 2.4.9 BETA build. I’m closing the ticket, if it’s an issue please reopen with the conversion log