EDL not adjusted when Cut Start is specified

I have an existing EDL file for a source file that comes from PlayOn.
PlayOn typically puts an annoying banner at the front and back of the show, and I am trying to remove this as part of a conversion task.

I include CUT START (at 12 seconds) and CUT END (5 seconds) in the hope that the resulting file will have COMSKIP chapters added and the banners removed.

It appears that the EDL file is identical for a conversion with the 12 second CUT START and with no CUT START.
I would have thought that the 12 second cut start would cause all of the commercials to be shifted forward by 12 seconds, but this does not appear to be the case.

Is this not the expected behavior?

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I don’t think the chapter markers are adjusted for manual cuts (they are adjusted for commercial cuts), they probably should be. Worthy of an enhancement ticket.

EDIT: Even saved EDL’s aren’t adjusted for manual trimming (only subtitles are adjusted for trimming), so both chapters and saved EDL’s should probably be adjusted for manual trimming.