EDL understanding

I am still finding MCEBuddy is not properly splicing together cuts using the ad markers already there and causing audio sync issues however going to try another path. Going to try VideoRedo which can see my existing marks but can’t use them so was going to have MCE Buddy create an EDL file with the existing Ad Markers So I get this:

7.411 37.139 0
393.359 516.055 0
858.748 992.501 0
1168.116 1290.156 0
1528.636 1649.628 0

Can someone help me understand the above so I can convert it to a VPrj file and do the final cuts thru VideoRedo?

The values are tab separated. First number is where the cut start in second and milliseconds, the second number is where the cut ends in seconds and milliseconds and the last number is 0 always, don’t know why. So everything between the start and end will be removed based on the original file.