Need help cutting commercials with TiVo auto skip cut marks

The TiVo Premiere just got an update to include Auto Skip, so I’m now trying to figure out how I can cut out the commercials using TiVo’s cut marks. I transfer videos from the TiVo with kmttg. Does anyone have tips/steps on how to do this? What do I need to get MCEBuddy to recognize the cut marks from TiVo?


Depends on where that information is stored? Is it stored in the video file or a separate meta file and do you have access the meta file ?

It looks like I can get the cut points in a separate edl file. I can have it exported to the edl automatically, and saved so MCEBuddy can access it. Is there a way to point at the edl for the cut information similar to using chapter marks?

Where did you get the EDL from? If you have a valid EDL and the filename is the same as the video MCEBuddy will pick it up automatically and process it. Make sure you’ve set the commercial detection to Comskip or ShowAnalyzer.

Ok, thanks. The EDL is coming directly from kmttg. I got it to work, but for some reason it’s cutting off the last 50 seconds of the show even though there’s no cut point at the end within the EDL file. Any idea why it’s cutting off the last 50 seconds and how to prevent that? Here are the cut points from the EDL.

0.0 35.502 0
497.547 631.163 0
1065.447 1275.54 0
1468.934 1637.802 0

You will need to attach the EDL and the conversion log to compare and see
what’s going on or you can go through the logs yourself to check out where
it’s cutting the videos. It’s possible that the video reported length isn’t
lining up with the EDL cuts.

Ok, thanks. I think I figured it out. And it wasn’t at all what I was thinking. The issue appears to be the original file ending too soon. So comskip wasn’t cutting more off, the extra 50 seconds just wasn’t there! Seems to be a TiVo clock issue rather than the cut points or comskip. Sorry for the trouble, but thanks for the assistance.