Wrong Dates in Renamed File

I used nPVR to record AGT (America’s Got Talent) last night (Sept 5) and tonight (Sept 6). MCEBuddy is configured to rename files as follows:
%showname%\Season %season%%showname% - S%season%##E%episode%## - %episodename% - %airyear%%airmonth%%airday%

The resulting file names are:
Americas Got Talent - S12E19 - Semi Finals 1 - 2016_08_30.mp4
Americas Got Talent - S12E20 - Live Show 5 - 2016_08_31.mp4

All looks right except I can’t figure out why it is using those dates. I don’t think AGT wasn’t even on TV on 08/31.

Open your conversion log and look at the metadata extracted. Search for those dates and see where it pops up or attach your conversion logs.