Custom File Renaming Pattern - %recordday%

I am using the custom file renaming options. Used it successfully for different formats (sports / news etc).

I started using %recordyear%- %recordmonth%-%recordday% and the system does output the correct format, but it is ONE DAY TOO FAR.

If I recorded the news on Nov 30, 2020, it will save the file as 2021-12-01.

I have verified the timezone and time are set correctly on the machine.

I also tried using %airyear%- %airmonth%- %airday% but those just return blank.

Any idea what is wrong?

It’s likely due to GMT vs local timezone. You’ll need to attach your logs to see what it’s reading

OK, it seems the problem is fixed.

Here is how it ‘broke’.

I had the computer running in GMT.

I changed (through Windows) the timezone, but apparently MCEBuddy did not recognize the change. I restarted the computer and MCEBuddy then identified the correct timezone and %recordday% is now correct.