Why won't MKVs made by MakeMKV add to queue easily.....they take minutes to show in queue

This is frustrating. MKV made by MakeMKV files containing DVDs won’t add to the queue easily. It takes several minutes for them to show in the queue and considering I have no way of adding the files to the end of the queue since that feature doesn’t work either this is annoying.

I’m using 2.5.5 Beta BTW

Any help would be appreciated.

If you open your mcebuddy.log file and search for your filename it’ll tell you what’s going on. Most likely either the file is locked by another process or you’ve configured your Monitor Location -> Expert settings with a Minimum age (time delay) before adding files to the queue.

It appears to have trouble reading the metadata from the file saying it could be corrupted but then it starts looking for metadata so I guess it is just working…but is there a way to just turn off the search for metadata?