Allow for watch folder priority sorting

So i have a large folder that is my main storage for video files. It is a LARGE folder with files numbering more then population of a small country.

I also have a test folder that contains a dozen or so files that i run through whenever i want to try a new profile or setting etc.

The problem is that i added the main folder to the gui first. This means when mcebuddy kicks in, it scans the main folder first before hitting the test folder. Since my main folder is LARGE and is located on a network, it takes a while for this scan to go through, meaning i have to wait for quite a bit for the test folder to get scanned and have the appropriate action kick in etc.

I would love to have a way to organize the watch folders kind of the same way i can already do with tasks (move up, move down etc). For now i was able to fix the problem by going into config file and changing the order in SearchRecords. However, i think it would be best if this could be done from the gui directly.

thank you.

Feature added in today’s 2.5.2 beta builds


that was FAST.

thank you.