Unable to add files manually with "+" button

Trying to add a file for a series that has no metadata, and all I know is the show name, season and episode.
Example: Mom-S06E01.mp4
I want MCEBuddy to process the file as normal, and fill in the metadata from the internet and transcode it like it would for other files.

However, MCEBuddy is rejecting the file. Any clues on how I can get it to accept the job?
Here is what is in the log file:
WARNING> 2022-01-17T10:31:02 MCEBuddy.Engine.QueueManager → File Mom-S06E01.mp4 did not match Network/Channel meta data pattern

I have filters to look for the channel tags to determine if the file was recorded in HD or not and apply different compression settings (less on an SD channel and more on an HD channel).

Do I need an “extra” profile that is a failsafe (no Nertwork/Channel filters) and that’s why it won’t add the job?

That did the trick. I had to add a profile (right-mouse, select “Duplicate”) and then strip the Network/Channel filter.