Wholesale Conversion of Playon files

Hello. I have a N00B question that I am hoping to get some opinions about.

I have started using PlayOn to capture content to be viewed later locally.
PlayOn is a good tool, but it has some limitations:

  1. Video is only 720P (720x1280 @ 30 fps)
  2. Stereo audio only (2 channel AAC)

Media is stored as H264 MP4 files.

I’m trying to figure out whether it makes sense to do a wholesale MCEbuddy conversion on all of the files or to just leave them alone.

Some things I am considering:

I can convert to H265, and that seems to be at least 20% better on space and (without scientific proof) seems to stream better for me in general.

I can increase the MCEbuddy sound factor so that the volume isn’t so miniscule when it plays through my receiver with only Stereo sound

I can try to increase the Quality setting in MCEBuddy, but not sure what if anything that can do when the source itself is somewhat limited.

I can use ComSkip, although most of the content comes from commercial-free sources

Any opinions about whether it would be worth the effort and whether any of my assumptions are correct about the sound and quality?