Having an issue with file sizes

I am using playon to save the original 90210 to my desktop, each eipsode is just over 1GB in size, after running it through the mcebuddy and cutting out commercials, they are roughly just under 1GB.

The show is only available in terrible quality as is, but devoting 25GB to one season from a show thats not even in stanard 720 seems rough, what am i doing wrong?

I have it set to mp4 normal with ad removal.

another example, Family Guy episode went from 559 to 412.

what should my settings be, shouldnt this be down to 250-300?

they are ripped in 720 and i adjusted the width for that in the app to match the 720 of the original file.

Depends on your codec used, bitrate and other encoding parameters. The High Quality MP4 profile will create the smallest and highest quality but will also take the longest of H.264 profiles.

You can use the H.265/HEVC profile which will make it even smaller but will take even longer and your player should support that codec.

Decreasing the quality slider will reduce file size but will also reduce the quality.

thanks, may i ask, what codec and bitrate setting should i use to aim for 700mb for 42 minute show?

i dont want to mess with quality too much but i know that torrents in the 2GB range look fine to me and 500GB 50 minute shows dont look too upsetting to my eye either.

I just cant justify a 50 Gig season of 20 half hour episodes of family guy for example, i know each show is different but if i start to hack into settings my OCD is gonna get the best of me. thanks in advanced