V2.5.8 Moving Movie - Issue

I have been running v2.5.7 beta for the past year with no issues. At the end of the year I upgraded mcebuddy to version 2.5.8.

For movies, mcebuddy should rename them and then move them in to a file folder, and delete the original. Since the upgrade, I have recorded two movies which are being renamed and moved to the newly created folder. However, the original recording is not being deleted as it was previously.

Recorded TV is handled the same way and is working fine.

I attached the log for the two movies. Can you provide any insight on how I can correct this?

Thank you.
The Dog Lover’s Guide to Dating_HALLHD_2023_01_01_19_57_00.wtv-Move WTV Recorded TV-2023-01-02T03-05-52.log (3.1 MB)
The Man From U.N.C.L.E._HBOHD_2022_12_28_20_00_00.wtv-Move WTV Recorded TV-2022-12-29T00-30-00.log (1.7 MB)

I can’t see the monitor location settings in these logs (that’s in MCEBuddy.log) but check your monitor location to see if you’ve enabled the option to delete the original file.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I have never lost a setting on previous upgrades.

Looking through the setup, the only “delete original file” I see is under General Settings - Delete manually added original file.

Is that the correct location? Anyway, it is checked. Attached is a screenshot.

Previously, I thought I remembered a box labeled “Delete original file” just above the Schedule
mcebuddy_trimmed.txt (1.5 MB)

I have attached a trimmed log file. The dates are 12/29/2022 & 01/02/2023.

I looked through the online help file but I am not seeing another delete original file button. Can you direct me to the correct location?

Thank you.

One other thing, previously I indicated this was only happening with movies but that is not accurate.
Now that regular TV is coming back, it is happening to Recorded TV.


Yesterday, I awoke to find mcebuddy didn’t run as scheduled the previous night.

I deleted mcebuddy and reinstalled the previous version of 2.5.7. Last night, everything appeared to be back to normal.

I’m not sure what I did wrong with the upgrade.