Plex DVR - both .ts & .mkv are copied to final destination

My problem seems to have started after upgrading from 2.4 release 8 to release 9
After recording with Plex DVR & HDHomerun, Comskip is being triggered and commercials are stripped, and the file is compressed using .x264. All of that is as desired. Recently, the original .ts file is no longer being deleted after the processing, and both the .ts and .mkv are being copied to the final destination.

I changed no settings when I did the upgrade of MCEBuddy 2.4 Rel8–>Rel9. Is this enough description to determine where I should look for the problem, or will more debugging and logs be needed?


Attach your mcebuddy.log file or you can search it for your filename.

Also note that the Delete original file option was moved to the Monitor Location -> Expert Settings page from the General Settings page. You may want to check if it’s enabled, now it can be enabled or disabled per Monitor Location instead of globally.

Thanks! The Delete Original File box was checked on the monitor dialog box, but not in the general settings box. I checked it and will see if that does it. I was a little confused by the word “manual” for that box…I interpreted that as one I had manually added to that location, not one that happened through an automated process like Plex Dvr.
Thank you again, I’ll update with the results in a day or two.

The General Settings -> Delete original refers to manually added files, i.e. those files that are dragged and dropped into MCEBuddy or added Manually via the Add button.

Each Monitor Location has it’s own Delete original option which allows you flexibility to choose which monitored locations you want to keep the original and from which ones you want to delete the originla.

This problem is solved, per solution above. Thanks!

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