Uses for HDHR guidedata API

SiliconDust is opening a JSON API to devices that are subscribed to their DVR Guide service.
The deets: XMLTV guide data - Silicondust

Basically, you need to know the IP address of the tuner device(s) to get a device auth key used to access the API.

The only way I know to get the IPs of active HDHR devices is to scrape the links on the My.HDHomerun .com page to each tuner device page for the IP address (http://<tuner-device-ip-address>/system.html).

You need the IP address to use the Tuner Device Discovery API to get the device auth code and in turn to access the JSON Guide Service API at http://<ip of hdhomerun>/discover.json.

The guide data has some very useful bits in it - particularly for PBS shows that typically don’t have IMDB or TheTVDB references in them or easily found icon/poster/banner images.

Here is what one looks like for a show called “Best of Feast TV”, which is really branding for Season 7.
There are multiple category tags, but the main one of interest is probably the “Series” category tag. I’ve masked bits to avoid any issues with SiliconDust’s proprietary IDs in their guide data.

<programme start="20200401073000 +0000" stop="20200401080000 +0000" channel="">
<title>Best of Feast TV</title>
<sub-title>Good to Grow</sub-title>
<icon src="" width="360" height="270"/>
<series-id system="cseries">C########EN49GM</series-id>
<episode-num system="dd_progid">EP########.0011</episode-num>

Of interest is the <icon> tag. It can be used to embed an image in the media container when none can be found via the normal lookup mechanisms (e.g. no IMDB, TVDB, etc.). I don’t know if this is already in the HDHR DVR media files. In the example, this is the icon image here.

Most of the PBS shows (and Create sub-channel) don’t have entries in TheTVDB or IMDB, and the show detail is already in the HDHR media file (the first frame, I believe), but often these shows don’t have any icons, posters, or banner artwork useful in our media serviers (Plex, Emby, Kodi, etc.).

What would be nice is if MCEBuddy would save that icon image file with the same name as the show (and .jpg extension) alongside the media file. Please make that a profile option (checkbox) since people may not want to do the housekeeping that comes with that. MCEBuddy only knows where to put the output media file, not any parent location for the series (which is really where that file goes, and it would be the same for every show recorded in that series), but it’s the best compromise I can think of.

This information is available in the HDHR files. Added support for fallback to the Silicon Dust image URL’s if it cannot be found on the internet. Try today’s 2.5.4 BETA build.

So what support did you add? Creating a separate image file for the show (like the nfo file) or fetching the image and embedding it into the container?

I can try it this weekend and see what happens. Thx.