Upgrading from 2.5.x to 2.6.x

So, I totally missed the “2.6.x will require a new license purchase” post back in April. That’s on me, no worries.

You might want to have the old release site do a redirect to the new one.

OLD: https://www.mcebuddy2x.com/MCEBuddy/EARLY_ACCESS/

NEW: https://www.mcebuddy2x.com/MCEBuddy/PREMIUM_ACCESS/

So, on the new Premium_Access site, I can see the legacy_builds folder, and it works, and I am blocked from the new BETA and STABLE folders. Seems to be working as announced.

However, I only see 2.5.7 April 18 as the last legacy build, not the 2.5.8 Sep 14 build that I actually have.

So, if that was a glitch, OK. I plan to buy a new license to keep access to the current 2.6.x builds anyway, so it’s not really a problem. Just something I noticed.

Thanks again for all the progress and continued success with MCEBuddy.

2.5.8 was probably a beta/early access release; the last major release (apart from the 2.6.1 released yesterday) was 2.5.7 dated April 2022.

OK, so back to the title question: I am ready to upgrade from 2.5.4 to 2.6.1. I have the download, but when I run the installer, it says that I have to uninstall the older version first. Will this require that I re-configure up the environment again for all of my settings? Or will it retain the settings for me in the upgrade process? Strangely, the FAQ on installing talks about a clean install only, which is not what I am trying to do, and the Users Guide assumes that you have 2.4 installed and does not mention the upgrade process at all, either. I can’t seem to find any other Upgrade threads here. How am I missing it?

This release follows the same process as everything before… so you’ll need to uninstall then reinstall. It should keep all of your settings though, it always has for me. If you manually modified files for things like profiles or Comskip you may need to back them up or re-edit them, but everything stuck for me this time around.

The readme file explains the process: uninstall the old verson (your profiles and settings are preserved) and reinstall the new version.

It also has the change log.

With Comskip, if you’re using a newer version, you can set the comskip path and MCEBuddy won’t touch it in the upgrade process. I am pretty sure it also preserves your comskip.ini file from the builtin comskip during upgrades.

If you have overlaid HandbrakeCLI or FFMPEG with newer versions, you’ll have to re-apply your overlay.

No it does not. I’ve updated the installation issues topic to clarify what all is preserved during a reinstall.
We recommend using an external comskip.ini file location if you’re using a custom ini and configure the Conversion task to point to that location. This way the custom ini won’t be affected by the upgrade and settings will be carried over as described in the custom comskip page.

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