Upgraded to 2.6 r1 conversions fail now

I upgraded to the preimum 2.6 Release 1 download from 2.5. I also have supported version of comskip.
After upgrading I can’t get it to convert (running comskip). It seems to run fine but somewhere after 90% it fails. Any suggestions? Logs attached.

NOTE: Don’t forget to attach your conversion log or MCEBuddy.log file as appropriate
NHL Hockey_20231219_18002030.ts-MLB (2 Pass)-2023-12-20T08-58-57.log (528.9 KB)
mcebuddy.log (125.4 KB)

From the logs it appears that Comskip is either hanging or needs more time to complete. You can try to increase the default timeout from 300 seconds to maybe 1200 seconds in the Settings → System settings page of MCEBuddy and see if that extra time helps. If not you may need to report it to comskip to investigate it. You could also try using Showanalyzer as an alternative and see if that works.

Thanks I’ll give that a shot!