Unhandled exception in .net framework

MCEBuddy 32bit)

Windows 10 pro 64bit):

Added new video card nvidia geforce gt 1030
Now when I bring up MCEBUDDY it gets an unhandled exception in .net framework
I can hit continue but it fails any and if I hit quit the obvious happens, so I am completely unable to run MCEBuddy

We stopped supporting 32bit some time ago. It’s only there for legacy purposes.

I would recommend download the latest 2.5.5 BETA version and trying that. If there’s an exception click on the Event button on the main page and it’ll bring up the windows event logs and copy paste the last exception you see.

I mistyped that actually checked later and found I do have the 64 bit version installed. For some reason the problem was resolved not only by uninstalling and reinstalling but after reinstalling it never actually found the engine so I clicked on that and let it set the default host once I did that it worked again, have no idea what happened but it is back online now.