TVDB lookup suddenly stopped working

I have been using mcebuddy successfully for months, now in the last week any show I convert fails to find the tv information from tvdb meaning I am unable to get my tv shows to rename.

I am using nextpvr to record shows and then mcebuddy to move and rename with no conversion. where can i start to look at what could be causing this as I am stuck at where to look? any advise appreciated :slight_smile:

Attach your conversion log so we can see what’s going on.

Here are my logs

This is a test recording I made earlier after to capture the logs

You’re using 2.3.13 (free version) of MCEBuddy.

Metadata matching needs to be updated as internet sources change. Use the latest version 2.4.9 for the latest updates to metadata matching.

Understood, so if I purchase the lifetime pass and update this should resolve this? :slight_smile:

It works after updating to 2.4.9 :slight_smile:
Now i need to work out how to get it work with my network drives again as I remember struggling initially but got there in the end…

Seen this Topic on how to use network drives

Turned out that the path restored when installing a new version wouldn’t work no matter how many times I edited it.

I created a new folder and added to mcebuddy and this worked straight off so all my issues are sorted and it is now working as expected.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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