Stop from splitting to multiple files File.ts, File(1).ts, File(2).ts

Conversions seem to be working and overall I am not having issues accept occasionally MCEB will leave a ts file chopped up File.ts, File(1).ts, File(2).ts when its all done I have not been able to figure out why its doing and its not consistent, it seems to be on the longer running show maybe? Is there a setting I have overlooked to stop it from doing this?

Is there any consistency in size or length in the ts files that it generated?

Maybe attach the conversion log file so we can take a look at what its doing.

It seems to be shows that that are longer like a 2 hour show, American Idol was bad about it, Here is the logs from Gold Rush it would have been like 2 and half hours and a 3.5 gig file
Gold Rush S11E12 Record Breaker - 1.ts-Passthrough-2021-01-01T22-08-49.log (857.8 KB) Gold Rush S11E12 Record Breaker.ts-Passthrough-2021-01-01T19-33-47.log (403.2 KB)

Actually reading through the logs it didnt make sense at all, I hopped over to Emby and read through the Emby logs and found the problem, MCEBuddy is doing its job correctly.