Stablility of MCEbuddy Version 2.5.5

Just a question about the point 3 of the Changelog for 2.5.5 (64bit). Does the upgrade of Handbrake to 1.3.3 address the BSOD issue related to h.265 encoding?

I have recently started converting WTV and re-converting previously converted h.264 mp4 files to h.265 files to improve video quality and/or save space. Although I am happy with the resulting files, the frequent BSOD incidents have forced me back to h.264 conversion. I can hardly remember any BSOD incident before that when MCEBuddy was doing h.264 conversion. And I have been using MCEBuddy for years.

Guess I will find out by trying h.265 conversion again. Still, I hope your reply will provide more information and clarification.

Love the program by the way…says a long term user.

Application (Handbrake, ffmpeg, mcebuddy etc) cannot cause BSOD’s because they’re protected by the operating system (Ring 2/3). BSOD’s can only be caused by device drivers (Ring 0) or hardware issues: GPU/Hardware Encoding/Acceleration FAQs

Depending on GPU, you may need to stop at a certain last known good driver version. I used to have to stop at on the GTX 1xxx series GPUs. The RTX 2xxx series don’t seem to have the same sensitivity, and since I can’t get a RTX 3xxx series, I can’t test there yet :wink:

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A late ‘thank you’ from me.

I recently upgraded my Gigabye GV-N630D3 to Geforce GTX 1650. The first Driver version used was 430.64. The system froze everytime handbrake was in use. Today the latest driver version 461.09 was installed. So far running handbrake hasn’t caused any issues. Hopely my good fortune with running handbrake will last.