Some Shows Not Converting

Lately, I’ve been having some issues in converting certain shows. I’m not sure what the problem is, but the vast majority of my shows convert just fine. I’ve attached one of the conversion logs, and I see at the end of the conversion, “Unsupported codec with id 0 for input stream 4”

With that said, I have been a donator for MCEbuddy & comskip for years. Any assistance you can provide would be a great help.


conversionlog.log (925.0 KB)

It’s your intel graphics driver.

You’ve enabled hardware encoding and your graphics driver is unable to process the files.

Update to the recommended versions or try using the WHQL certified driver from the Microsoft’s/Intel website.

The unknown streams/codecs are just ignored (usually pictures or subtitles etc).

Turn off hardware encoding in your conversion task expert settings and if the problem goes away that will confirm your Intel driver is the problem.

Thanks! I checked, and have the latest driver from Dell, downloaded the latest from intel, however it matched what was already on my system. Anyways, I disabled HW encoding, and will see if it converts those that haven’t been able to convert!

Thanks for the speedy response!

I just had another video, that failed with the Hardware encoding enabled, I setup a new monitor to the failed folder, and it failed again.ConversionLog2.log (396.9 KB)

Let me know if you need further information.

Did you try it with hardware encoding disabled.

MCEBuddy has no control over hardware encoding other than passing it to your graphics driver to do the encoding. If it’s fails it’s a bad graphics driver.

Another user recently posted a new intel graphics driver they found very stable. We’ve updated it in our Hardware Encoding FAQ page. Try using that one.