Setup questions

Hello, I am running version 2.5 and using comskip. I have a few issues I would like to resolve.
I record my tv shows from Nextpvr and have MCEBuddy setup to convert the TS files to mkv for smaller storage. I was converting to mp4 but my wife says that the mkv looks better. Once the file is converted and commercials are removed, it is added to my Plex. When I go to watch something with the plex app on my Roku… Plex transcodes both the video and audio. What I would like to is save it in a format that does not require transcoding. I have tried to find what that would be but have had no luck yet. (Still want good quality) The other thing is I need to find out how to adjust comskip to do a better job. I have read the old posts and tried different ini’s and other changes but I have not been able to get it all sorted out yet. It misses some commercials but other times does a great job, seems to depend on the network. Some times it will get all but one set of them. My wife would like it to not cut off the previews (I tried changing a setting to let it record longer at the end) That helped to stop it from cutting off the end of some shows. I would apricate any help you guys can provide. Over all this is a really nice setup.

Have you tried the Roku profiles?

I had not seen that when I posted this, I did change to “Roku” and it resolved the transcoding issue. Thank you. - Scott

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