Running to Commercial Removal Issues with Football Games on Fox Sports One

So I’ve done some recent .WTV to HEVC MKV conversions and noticed that the video length wasn’t changing on CFB games that aired on Fox Sports 1. Upon further review I noted that commercials weren’t being removed by comskip. While I was scanning through the commercials I noticed that the station keeps an information bar at the bottom of the screen even during commercials. Would this potentially be throwing off the commercial detection? If so, is there a way to tweak the program to catch this or am better off just using a program like ShotCut or Vidcutter since this is more of a one off issue?

Possibly. You would need to tweak your Comskip.ini file and change the way it uses logos. Maybe disable logo detection or make detection more aggressive. There is a GUI tool included to tune the Comskip.ini file. Check this out:

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Awesome I will check that out when I get home tonight

MCEBuddy also comes with Custom Cuts which works like Vidcutter. I use it on difficult recordings for one specific channel that I can’t tweak the ini good enough. It’s in the start menu and on my computer located at “C:\Program Files\MCEBuddy2x\MCEBuddy.CustomCutsGUI.exe”

After I use it it then sends it to MCEBuddy for processing.


And this might be exactly what I am looking for.

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