Running to Commercial Removal Issues with Football Games on Fox Sports One

(Patrick Moore) #1

So I’ve done some recent .WTV to HEVC MKV conversions and noticed that the video length wasn’t changing on CFB games that aired on Fox Sports 1. Upon further review I noted that commercials weren’t being removed by comskip. While I was scanning through the commercials I noticed that the station keeps an information bar at the bottom of the screen even during commercials. Would this potentially be throwing off the commercial detection? If so, is there a way to tweak the program to catch this or am better off just using a program like ShotCut or Vidcutter since this is more of a one off issue?

(Goose) #2

Possibly. You would need to tweak your Comskip.ini file and change the way it uses logos. Maybe disable logo detection or make detection more aggressive. There is a GUI tool included to tune the Comskip.ini file. Check this out:

(Patrick Moore) #3

Awesome I will check that out when I get home tonight

(Paul) #4

MCEBuddy also comes with Custom Cuts which works like Vidcutter. I use it on difficult recordings for one specific channel that I can’t tweak the ini good enough. It’s in the start menu and on my computer located at “C:\Program Files\MCEBuddy2x\MCEBuddy.CustomCutsGUI.exe”

After I use it it then sends it to MCEBuddy for processing.

(Patrick Moore) #5

And this might be exactly what I am looking for.