Recording needs to be reconverted to remove commercials

Happy holidays and merry christmas!
Just wanted to see If I can get some help with a particular program I’m recording…
All my other recordings are working well, except for one (sportsnite) this one records the program but needs to reconverted to remove commercials
Please advise on how to resolve

See tuning Comskip and try to update the detect_method to 255 to make it more aggressive.

You would also upload your original video with your logs for us to analyze.

Yes, I updated the detection method to 255 and I still need to reconvert the file to have commercials removed
I’m attaching 2 logs, one before reconversion and after reconversion
Appreciate any advice on how to resolve
SportsNite_ᴺᵉʷ_1_13_24_11_00_PM.ts-Convert to MP4-2024-01-13T23-31-40 (log before reconversion).txt (611.4 KB)
SportsNite_ᴺᵉʷ_1_13_24_11_00_PM.ts-Convert to MP4-2024-01-14T10-54-32 (log after reconversion).txt (780.0 KB)

In the old logs I see no commercials detected but in the new log I see 3 commercials detected (about 6 minutes) which is cut from the original 31 minute recording.

MCEBuddy.CommercialScan.Scanner → ParseEDL: Cut Segment Start:0.000 End:31.650 Action:0
2024-01-14T10:58:17 MCEBuddy.CommercialScan.Scanner → ParseEDL: Cut Segment Start:564.850 End:718.070 Action:0
2024-01-14T10:58:17 MCEBuddy.CommercialScan.Scanner → ParseEDL: Cut Segment Start:1025.410 End:1212.460 Action:0
→ ConvertCutListToKeepList: Skip initial segment, too small Start:0.000 Stop:0.000
→ ConvertCutListToKeepList: Keep segment Start:31.650 Stop:564.850
→ ConvertCutListToKeepList: Keep segment Start:718.070 Stop:1025.410
→ ConvertCutListToKeepList: Keep end segment Start:1212.460 Stop:1872.334
→ ConvertKeepListToCutList: Cut segment Start:0.000 Stop:31.650
→ ConvertKeepListToCutList: Cut segment Start:564.850 Stop:718.070
→ ConvertKeepListToCutList: Cut segment Start:1025.410 Stop:1212.460
→ ConvertKeepListToCutList: Skip end segment, too small Start:1872.334 Stop:1872.334
→ ConvertKeepListToCutList Done

Yes, that’s what I’m trying to figure out
When I reconvert the file it removes commercials
But when it’s originally processed it doesn’t remove commercials
That’s why I sent you the two separate logs to see why that happening perhaps there’s an adjustment that needs to be made in the INI file
I’m sure you guys can help me figure it out

I was looking at the logs and noticed that in the logs where there are no commercials detected, comskip seems to have trouble reading this file. This could point to a recording issue with the original file. One thing you can try is if you have access the Comskip premium access program, get a copy of the latest version of Comskip and replace the once in the MCEBuddy folder and see that solves the issue.