MeTV / Top TickerTape / TopLogo Comskip says no commercials found


So I have been troubleshooting this problem for a while and have been having no luck.

The problem is, I think for comskip reporting no commercials is because there is a tickertape at the top of the screen that never goes away along with a logo covering the tickertape in the corner on the left hand side at the top as well.

I tried to edit the comskip.ini file but it will not allow me to save any changes to it so the things that I have attempted fail and my comskip.ini stays the same.

What would I need to do to get rid of this tickertape (settings I need to change) in my comskip.ini or (what settings do I need to use) to have comskip ignore the tickertape and logo that are at the top?

Also once those changes are made how do I get it to let me save the new file since I haven’t been able to?

Thanks, for any help on this.

Yep. Onscreen chirons, tickers, and crawls (like for elections, weather alerts, breaking news, and ugly contract negotiations between cable and broadcasters) will prevent the ad detection from working properly.

If the show has a crawl through the entire show, you might be able to process it manually with Handbrake or FFMPEG to crop the video (with no compression or transcoding if possible) and then MCEBuddy to remove the ads after the crawl has been removed.

Another tool that can do that is VirtualDub2, but it was very hard to understand the user interface (at least for me). If you’re familiar with command lines, FFMPEG is probably the easiest to specify the cropping and process the file.

Another option might be to manually do the edits with CustomCuts and then post process with MCEBuddy for the final transcoding. It’s going to suck if you have a lot of shows to do, unfortunately.

Good luck.

Use the Comskip INI Editor included with MCEBuddy to adjust the comskip.ini settings (create a new one ideally specifically for your conversion task) and adjust the ticker_tape settings

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