Remux /convert startup is slow

I have been using Buddy for a long time and love it.

But it is inconsistent when it come to adding new shows either by dragging into the gui or rescan or ADD. They mostly don’t appear immediately and often I must restart the buddy service for them to appear.

I have #1 Buddy running on a PC with the media on a NAS.
In this example should I be using the mapped drive M:/tv or the ip address of the NAS e.g. \\Media\tv
M being my mapped drive from the NAS and my media folder

I also have Buddy running on a Qnap NAS win10 VM. That media is on the same NAS.
This also is slow to add/rescan or drag…

If you open mcebuddy.log and search for the filename it’ll tell you what’s going on.
Note that MCEBuddy cannot access mapped network drives, you need to use the absolute network path or run the engine as a command line engine from the start menu. See this Topic for details: MCEBuddy - Solution to Common Issues and Errors