GUI taking time to update when manually adding network files

MCEBuddy 2.5.2 64bit):

VM win10 64bit:

Summary of the problem or suggestion:

I run buddy in a win10 VM on a Qnap NAS
I also have buddy on a w10 desktop
My media is all on the NAS.

I remux and re-encode mkv to mp4.
Automatically this works well.

But when i drag (any number of ) files into buddy - nothing happens.
I then run services.msc and click restart MCEbuddy.
Buddy then disappears (closes)
I then reopen Buddy and all the previously dragged files are there!! (and running)

This happens on both the VM and desktop versions.

I assume this is the way it should work initially.
Is the restart clearing something?


Maybe the GUI’s taking time to updated while the engine is reading the network files metadata. If you wait long enough it’ll eventually update once the engine finishes reading the metadata. Try the latest 2.5.3 BETA build we’ve made some improvements to the GUI responsiveness when dealing with manually added network files (drag n drop)

Thanks for the fast reply.
Have updated to the latest beta and no change in updating speed!

It sounds like it’s just taking time to read the metadata. Does it eventually resume if left alone for a few minutes? (depending on how many files you’re dragging)

a dozen files took about 90 seconds.

I’m on 2.5.3 BETA and it seems to take a long time for MCEbuddy to invoke the manually added files also. Is there any way to manually invoke it from the cli other than restarting the service? If I wait it will eventually happen. I assume it is scanning the library for new media and doesn’t invoke the manual until the library scan is complete.

Use MCEBuddy.UserCLI.exe. Just run it without any parameters to get the help:
Here’s an example of the output, you can use the --command=engine --action=rescan to force a rescan:

Usage: MCEBuddy.UserCLI --command=<option> --action=<value> --server=<server> --port=<port> --quiet
        --command=engine -> Change the engine state
                --action=start -> Start engine
                --action=stop -> Stop engine
                --action=pause -> Pause engine
                --action=resume -> Resume engine
                --action=rescan -> Rescan monitor locations and logs

        --command=query -> Query and prints various parameters about the engine and jobs
                --action=queuelength -> Get number of jobs in the conversion queue
                --action=enginestate -> State of the engine (stopped, started, conversion_in_progress or conversion_paused)
                --action=withinschedule -> Prints 'false' if it is currently outside the configured conversion schedule otherwise 'true'

        --command=jobstatus -> Query the status of a job in the queue
                --action="<full file path>" -> The path and name of the source file for which the job status is being queried. Enclose the path and filename in quotes. Valid statuses are `queued`, `converting` or `not present`

        --command=addfile -> Add file to the conversion queue
                --action="<full file path>" -> Full path to file to add to conversion queue

        --command=removejob -> Removes a job from the conversion queue
                --action=<queue no> -> Enter the job number in the queue to remove from the conversion queue (first job is 1)

        --command=priority -> Change MCEBuddy priority
                --action=low -> Low priority
                --action=normal -> Normal priority
                --action=high -> High priority

        --command=deletehistoryitem -> Remove a file entry from the history to enable reconversion
                --action="<full file path>" -> Full path to processed file to remove from history

        --command=upnp -> Set UPnP in gateway/router for MCEBuddy engine remote access
                --action=enable -> Enable UPnP port forwarding for MCEBuddy
                --action=disable -> Disable UPnP port forwarding for MCEBuddy

        --command=firewall -> Configure firewall exception for MCEBuddy engine remote access
                --action=enable -> Enable firewall exception for MCEBuddy
                --action=disable -> Disable firewall exception for MCEBuddy

        --server=<localhost/NetBIOS name/IP Address> -> (Optional) Address of MCEBuddy engine (default is localhost)

        --port=<port no> -> (Optional) Port for MCEBuddy engine (default is 23332)

        --quiet -> (Optional) By default verbose is on, if this parameter is set then it will only print the results of the command=query/jobstatus on screen and -2 if there is an error

The program returns 0 if successful, -1 for bad input parameters and -2 if failed to process the command

        MCEBuddy.UserCLI --command=addfile --action="C:\Videos\My Test.wtv"
        MCEBuddy.UserCLI --command=query --action=queuelength
        MCEBuddy.UserCLI --command=removejob --action=2
        MCEBuddy.UserCLI --command=priority --action=low
        MCEBuddy.UserCLI --command=deletehistoryitem --action="C:\Videos\My Test.wtv"
        MCEBuddy.UserCLI --command=engine --action=pause
        MCEBuddy.UserCLI --command=engine --action=pause --server=
        MCEBuddy.UserCLI --command=engine --action=pause --server=localhost --port=2234
        MCEBuddy.UserCLI --command=query --action=enginestate --quiet
        MCEBuddy.UserCLI --command=jobstatus --action="C:\Test\Recorded File.ts"

I am still having to wait for the screen to populate and start the process’s.

I have added a vid showing how it works / or doesn’t work!

it a lousy copy as has to shrink to be allowed to upload. but u get the point

Instead of “dragging and dropping” try using the “Add” button. If that solves the issue then it’s your windows explorer which is locking the files; so when you drag n drop the file, at that moment mcebuddy can’t access the files. Best way to confirm is to open your mcebuddy.log file and look at the log entries after you drag the files into mcebuddy. If you see the messages that the files are locked then your problem is with your windows setup. Simply tapping the Rescan button will confirm the same, once the files are unlocked by your explorer (or some extensions connected to explorer), mcebuddy will be able to re-process them.

The long term solution is to find which extensions are registered in windows explorer which are blocking access to files when you select them. Many apps like VLC/codecs/players or other unrelated programs register extensions with windows explorer which lock files when they are selected. Try a clean install of windows with no other aps installed and you won’t see the issue.

Thanks goose , that gives me some things to try.

I understand the whole clean install but I hate doing that - it takes days/weeks to get my desktop etc how i want them to be.

Will check out things and get back.