Recording Olympics

I have Emby set to record all of the Olympics and its working great but MCEBuddy broke the long file up into chunks based on category, I have read through everything and can seem to find where that setting is and how to disable it, I would prefer it keep the large file and if there is no option is there a way to tell it to ignore anything with the word Tokyo Olympics and just skip it.

I think I may have found the answer to my own question, can I just add ~2020 Tokyo Olympics* to the Recording Title in the Advanced Options Menu and it will ignore it?

I’m also getting issues related to Olympics related recordings. Similar to the OP, but I’ve also noticed two other issues.

My converted Olympics files, especially the longer ones (which are most of them), freeze up after the 15th to 25th minute mark. Doesn’t freeze consistently at the same time from file to file. Playback is impossible after the freezing point. I checked the original video files and those did not have any issues and play completely.

Also, in searching the log files, I noticed that there were errors for, and it appears that the website is permanently shutdown as of July 2021 according to a wiki page. Could this be why we are seeing naming, category and other file related issues?

I found Emby was the one chopping up the files but they weren’t chopped it was just the naming convention used which made it seem the like the multiple airings in a day were chopped. Once I did more research I found it just the nature of the Olympics and the way the scrapers are labeling them and the media players handle the file names.

Once i added the string to MCEB to just ignore the Olympics things got a lot better, it got confused a lot on where the commercials were when it was really a cut scene to the game.

I love this app and tell everyone I know to buy and use it but sometimes you just gotta fast forward through commercials.