Processing delayed until reboot; CPU and Memory allocations for Virtualbox guest for MceBuddy conversions

I have a pretty powerful machine Win10 Pro machine (i7-10700 w 64gb RAM) that I primarily use for Plex Media Server, Channels DVR and Playon, with MCEbuddy processing of Channels DVR recordings. I like MceBuddy, but have noticed that a lot of times, I can’t manually add .mpg files to be processed, because after I try to add them manually, they are not showing up in MCEbuddy as being processed. However, once I reboot the computer and restart MceBuddy, MceBuddy then starts processing the files. I want to avoid the reboots, so was considering setting up a Windows 10 guest in Virtualbox which would basically just run MceBuddy only on all my Channels DVR mpg files. That way, if I keep having the above problem, I can just reboot the Windows 10 guest.

Two things. What do you think is causing the processing not to start after I manually add the files, and why do I have to restart the machine to get the processing to start?

Second, what do you guys recommend for the Windows 10 guest in terms of concurrent processes in MceBuddy and cores and RAM dedicated to guest? I want the folders which MCEbuddy creates to be saved on the shared drive in Virtualbox so that I can access the files easily outside the VM.

Thanks for your help.

That usually means the file is locked by some process. When you reboot your machine the process releases the lock and MCEBuddy can process it. If you open MCEBuddy.log file it’ll show the reason why it can’t process it (search for your filename).