MCEBuddy ProcessPriority Setting

I’m trying to get the fastest conversions out of my 2400G CPU. Problem is that standard priority only gives about 60-70% CPU load via Handbrake. To get 75-85% CPU load I now switched to two simultaneous conversions.
Now when I switch priority to high, even with one conversion, with the same load of 75-85% the system is extremely unresponsive.

My question:
Is it possible to set the ProcessPriority Setting in the MCEBuddy.conf file to “Higher than normal”? As said normal is too slow, high makes anything but the conversion laggy.

Or is there another way to tell MCEBuddy/Handbrake to use more or a specific amount of CPU resources?

When it says High, it’s actually a set it to “higher than normal” for the exact reason you mentioned. Anything higher causes a system lock down because MCEBuddy is so heavy on the resources.

One the main reasons for a jittery slowdown is that the systems runs out of I/O before it runs out of CPU so it starts to drag.