No response from process for 300 seconds, process likely hung - killing it

So I seem to consistently get this message. I can get things to work, if I copy everything to a local drive, but it seems reading from the fileserver causes this problem. I’m seeing ~100MB/sec read performance from my NAS, which isn’t horrid. Log file attached.

Wondering if something is going to sleep, and then not waking up. Also, I saw I could increase the ffmpeg kill time. What’s it expecting to happen in 5 minutes? That seems like a bit of time.

Any thoughts?

Glee_KTVUDT_2009_09_02_21_00_02.wtv-Convert to MP4-2019-08-18T11-59-44.3081937-07-00.log (213.4 KB)

This log shows that you’ve cancelled the conversion

ERROR> 2019-08-18T12:00:06 MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.FFmpeg --> Job cancelled, killing process

However what you’re describing is not uncommon. To avoid the possibly to a being “hung” by a faulty process, if MCEBuddy doesn’t seen a process responding for 300 seconds (by default) it kills it and moves onto the next file.

If you’re using a network drive/NAS and if it’s running slowly and takes more than 300 seconds, it could lead to this timeout. If you know that’s your network or computer is slow you can increase this timeout or even disable it by setting it to 0 in the System Settings page

Simply haven’t had the time to go back and fight this. Can you talk a little more about what the 5 minute FFmpeg timeout is for? Is it for complete ffmpeg pass completion (if so that seems short) or are you just waiting for some sort of text output message?

Yes, just anything to show that it’s still working and not hung for waiting for something indefinitely (there’s much more advanced detection in there, but that’s the gist of it).