PC going to Sleep even with several Conversion Tasks remaining

I have the latest stable version running 2.4.7.
I am recording using HDHomeRunDVR to a NAS.
I have setup a PC that scans for files to convert and store on its local RAID volume and stream to clients using Emby
MCEBuddy works like a charm as long as the PC is awake.
With several shows left to convert and MCEBuddy running, the system goes to sleep
Once in a while, I will send a Magic Packet from some machine and do a remote login. What I see is that the system went to sleep and MCEBuddy has to start the file over and work on several that are left.

Is there a way to set things up so that system wakes up and let MCEBuddy run through all that was recorded the previous night and then make the system go to sleep till I am ready to watch in the evening?

Thanks in advance for your inputs

If you’ve configured your system to sleep when there’s no activity for X minutes in the windows power manager, then once MCEBuddy is done with all the conversions it will automatically go to sleep after X minutes.

There is an option in the General Settings page to prevent the system from sleeping while MCEBuddy is actively converting files. Make sure this option is checked otherwise MCEBuddy won’t prevent the system from going to sleep during an active conversion.

I unchecked the Allow Sleep option. Hopefully, this should fix it. Thank you for your response.

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