Organization - Scanned Folder Linked to Processed Folder

Okay, I’m a newbie but I just don’t get it. You have a section that defines a folder to be scanned. Alright. Then you have a section that processes the file and sends the result to a folder defined in that separate section. Okay. Well, I want the ability to do this with multiple different folders. I want to scan folder1, process it as say mpeg4, and send it to folder 2, but I also want to scan folder 3, process as a ts to h265 file and send it to folder 4. This should be a simple process and I don’t see how to do it. There needs to be a link between the folder scanning definitions and the folder ‘processing and destination’ sections. It’s probably right in front of me and I’m not seeing it, so I’ll apologize for my stupidity in advance.

By design, every Monitor Location is fed to every Conversion Task. You can create filters in your Conversion Tasks to process only specific files (by file name, channel name etc).

EDIT: This feature has now been moved to the main conversion task page starting 2.4.9:

However there are cases when you want Conversion Tasks to only process files from a selected Monitor Location, you can achieve this by clicking on the Select Monitor Location check box in the Conversion Task -> Expert Settings page.

See this post:

Thanks! I figured it was there somewhere. The “Conversion Task -> Expert Settings” is exactly what I was looking for.

We’re planning on moving this to the main conversion task page with a button. What’s your view?