Can I or Do I need to set up separate monitor location and conversion tasks

I am using Tablo ripper to get files to my hard drive as here:

I want them to end up in one of 2 locations depending on if the file is from a CURRENT TV SHOWS or a MOVIES.
Do I use 2 monitor locations and 2 conversion tasks?
Or do I just monitor the one location TabloRipper-MCEBuddy and have a single conversion task and filter movie or Tv show in that conversion Task string?

The output is going to PLEX and I don’t want to run the conversion task 2 times per file:



Your choice. You can do it either way depending upon how you define your tasks and filters.

I could find no guidance in the documentation to pertain to this issue. I do understand that running 2 tasks will cause files to be processed twice. That I did find.
I have been going around and around with the advance commands and still can’t get it to not process 2X. once for movies and once for TV shows. I have tried using the %ismovie% command and just don’t understand all of the programming syntax to use this command.
When a movie gets dropped in the TV folder after processing it gets tagged wrongly because PLEX is using the TVDB for Current TV SHOWS versus IMDB for movies.
Id like to be able to have it say:
Is this a movie? yes after processing drop in MOVIES folder & tag as showname ( premiere Year) ,But if not a movie put it in Current TV shows /showname folder/season/episode episode name.
Thanks Sorry if i’m being hard headed but i am NOT a programmer.

Again it depends upon your setup and metadata available.

If all your source files are in the same folder AND they contains the metadata telling MCEBuddy whether it’s a movie or a show you can use the following method:

  1. You can use a single monitor location and single conversion task for this.
  2. Set your Monitor location to monitor the folder which contains your movies and tv shows
  3. Set your destination folder in the conversion task to TabloRipper-MCEBuddy
  4. Just select custom renaming and in the renaming pattern you can do this: %ismovie%<Movies\%showname%,TV Shows\%showname%-%episodename%>

If the source files are in different directories OR they don’t have the metadata identifying whether it’s a movie or not then you can use the following strategy:

  1. Setup a monitor location to monitor your Movies folder
  2. Create a conversion task to convert your movies and set your destination folder accordingly
  3. In the conversion task expert settings page click on Select Monitor Locations and then select the monitor location you create above for Movies
  4. Similarly create a separate Monitor Location for your TV Shows and separate Conversion Task for your TV Shows and in the expert settings Link your TV Show Monitor Location to your TV Show Monitor task

This was you’ll have 2 separate tasks for Movies and Shows and each linked to their own Monitor Locations (one is to one mapping).

I’m not seeing a “Select Monitor Locations” button or option in the Expert Settings page for a conversion task. Without it, I’m unable to assign a separate monitored location for separate conversion tasks. One for movies and one for TV. Would appreciate any help with this. Thanks!

The monitors always monitor. They just put files on the list for the tasks to process. You need to use the filename filters in the task configuration/settings with separate tasks that do different things with stuff in different directories. i.e. a “movies” task that has a filename filter for the movies directory, and a separate “shows” task with a different filename filter for the shows directory.

Everything on the list of files that the monitors put there gets processed by every task. Use the filters to tell the task what to skip. You need to make sure:

  1. at least one of your filters will try to process the file (i.e. to test if it has already been processed),
  2. only one of your filters will try to process the file (or have the skip-if-duplicate setting turned on)

Are you looking for this?