Odd Issue with custom naming and file properties

Running into an odd situation. I have a long existing profile with custom renaming where I feed the folder with a movie like
‘Movie (2022)_tt12345678’
and the renaming gives me ‘Movie (2022)’ and it has the jpg and nfo to go with

I go further in that I have postprocessing and have it rename the folder to put the imdb back for plex, but that’s all after the fact.
I was just recently altering the post-procesing to also allow me to pass in more info in the title, and have powershell put it back, so now I input something like:
‘Movie (2022)_tt12345678 {edition-Directors Cut}’
→ mcebuddy gives me ‘Movie (2022)’
→ processing changes the folder to be ‘Movie (2022) {imdb-tt12345678}’ and the movie file to be ‘Movie (2022) {imdb-tt12345678} {edition-Directors Cut}’

Today running into an issue with a movie and it wasn’t pulling the jpg or nfo from imdb. So I tried it a few times, and I’ve tried renaming the file back to it’s simpler form to just get the jpg and nfo.
But somehow it’s still pulling the old name

So my original attempt had
Blade Runner_tt0083658 {edition-The Final Cut}.mp4
and I tried with the year.
when i look in the log it’s showing the edition bit in the imdb id

I’ve renamed to this:
Blade Runner (1982)_tt0083658.mp4
and I stripped all the properties.

I’ve also moved the file to another computer, verified the filename is the shorter version, plus the file does not have any properties (I did the windows remove properties to make a copy of the file)

Yet when I look in the log I see
IMDB Id: tt0083658 {edition-The Final Cut}

the curly bracket part is not anywhere in my file or properties that I can see and was never that way on this computer, so not sure where it’s coming from

Blade Runner (1982)_tt0083658.mp4-FixTitleMovie-2022-11-11T11-10-34.log (381.2 KB)

And to reiterate, right now I"m only trying to have it pull the info from imdb so the file properties are set, so i have the poster jpg, and the nfo file.

The issue lies in your MP4 file metadata. It’s showing the IMDBID as

2022-11-11T11:10:37 MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.Base → IMDBID : tt0083658 {edition-The Final Cut}

The IMDBID metadata should only contain the tt id and nothing else which is why MCEBuddy can’t find a match.

Where are you recording your MP4s from?

it was made with makemkv, then converted to mp4 in mcebuddy as one task. I’m the one who named it as it was.

But I think you are missing my question though, when the 2nd task to rename it didn’t work, I tried renaming the file without the {} portion, and I also did a ‘remove properties’ in windows. and it still renamed with the original text I had in the brackets.
I copied what I considered the clean file to a different computer and ran mcebuddy there and it still named it with the {}. I"m not sure where it was getting it from.

Literal file name in windows was - Blade Runner (1982)_tt0083658.mp4

I skipped a few fields to save time, but they are all blank.

Not all the metadata information is shown in windows explorer. According to the logs you had attached the IMDb ID was embedded into the file with the extra information which is what’s causing the problem. If you have a different conversion that you had attempted you can attach the log files but I suspect that the issue.

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We’ve made a few sanity checks in the latest 2.5.8 beta build to try and fix invalid imdb id’s so it tries to avoid such situations.

ok, haven’t run into the issue since. I’ll see if I happen to have the old file around and give it a try once I download the new beta.

I replicated the original situation and from what I can see it’s working correctly now, thanks.