Nvidea NvEnc With Errors

I am running MceBuddy V. 2.4 Release 7 on windows 7 using Windows Media Center. My home theatre pc is using an Intel i7-4770K with an Invidia GTX780 GPU, 32GB ram , donator version of Comskip.

My hardware supports both Intel QuickSync and Nvidia NvEnc. I have used the GPU/Hardware Encoding /Acceleration FAQ’s and have verified that QuickSync is working. As for the Nvidia NvEnc I used the fake monitor trick that was posted but am getting some errors.
Any help fixing this issue would be greatly appreciated

my log file can be found here Log File


What error are you referring to?

I don’t see any errors, I see a successful conversion using handbrake
(QuickSync) and a decent conversion speed.

2018-03-19T16:09:18 MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.Handbrake --> Encoding: task 2
of 2, 99.84 % (214.76 fps, avg 214.84 fps, ETA 00h00m01s)

Thanks for your response RBoy. Just trying to understand the logs. After a few days I realized exactly what you said. Intel QuickSync is working, just a little confusing for me since I also have a GTX780 GPU so I can also use Nvidea NvEnc.

Thanks for the Help

I still can’t get the MCEBuddy to install I’m using the home

Run Solftware . I have Deleted MCEBuddy the Program files and still won’t install can you help

Kenneth Calhoun

E mail holy41@att.net


Which hardware encoder is used depends on how your profile is setup. Ffmpeg is used for Nvidia and handbrake for Intel. So you can change the order of encoders in your profile to what you want to use first. See the other topics on this it has been discussed recently a fair amount.

Please post a new topic and check out the installation FAQs