NOS4A2 issues

I’m having an issue with the file name of NOS4A2. After it converts, MCEBuddy drops the 2. The directory name and file name is just NOS2A. Also, since it changes the name, it can’t find any metadata to correctly title the Episode. The original file name (from HDHOMERUN) is correct.

Any thoughts?

Conversion log please - that’s shows what’s going on.

Here is a link to the file.!AoridTjMG_NzgpBaSJJLAmgIuN1gWQ

I see the issue, the metadata extracted from the HDHR file is being overwritten by the filename metadata, but you’re on v2.4.9

We’ve made lots of improvements to the metadata engine in the past year, try updating to 2.4.11 and if you’re still having an issue please post back with the updated conversion log.

Thank you. It seems to be working with 2.4.11,