No ff/rew in MKV from MCEBuddy 2.4.8 on Samsung Smart TV

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MCEBuddy 2.4.8 64bit

Operating System - Windows 7 64-bit

After upgrading to 2.4.8, none of my files support seek on my Samsung Smart TV (through Emby). The profile is to straight copy streams into MKV containers. I had to downgrade to 2.4.7 which immediately addressed the issue (I needed to re-process all the output files processed by 2.4.8 to get seek working again [because I have MCEBuddy delete originals]).

I suspect this is an FFMPEG problem, I tried replacing the 2.4.8 FFMPEG binaries with the latest FFMPEG release and behavior is the same. I don’t know whether it is a config issue in MCEBuddy or a FFMPEG issue, but I do know it happens 100% of the time with 2.4.8 and works fine in 2.4.7.

For now, I’ve just downgraded to restore functionality, but wanted to report the bug in hopes it could be addressed in a future release (so maybe I can upgrade again some day).

Which profile are you using? MKV Unprocessed or a custom? If custom post the profile.
You’re right we did update ffmpeg in 2.4.8 to for better hardware conversions.

Try this, in the unprocessed profile change:




This is make ffmpeg create a MP4 file and then use MKVMerge to convert it to a MKV file.

Yes, it’s MKV Unprocessed. Will making the changes suggested result in FFMPEG compressing the MPEG2 video stream to an MP4 before making an MKV? I’m using MKV Unprocessed explicitly because I don’t want to transcode.

If the source is mpeg2 set the output as .ts and then remux to mkv above. This is container manipulation

thanks. I’ll give that a try

This workaround is working well. Thanks.

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