Samsung TV compatability

My Problem: (using MCE 2.4.7)
I use WMC to record over the air TV shows from three older HDhomerun tuners, the file is saved in a folder that is monitored by MCEBuddy. This season my 2 year old Samsung TV does not see the MP4 files in the target directory where MCEBuddy puts them after commercial removal and conversion from WTV to MP4. I can still watch the videos on my Samsung TV if I use additional converter software (iDealshare) to re-convert the file to a Samsung compatible MP4 file OR I can cast the MCEBuddy generated file to the TV from a windows computer but I cannot use the TV to browse my network and play the file.
This is a big problem as my wife makes the point that this did not happen last year, all of the MCEBuddy converted files played directly from the TV.

So What changed?
The TV is running the same firmware as it was last year, but I have updated MCEBuddy 1 or 2 times since then, in addition in a quest to make things better (I never leave well enough alone) I may have manually altered the default MP4 profile.

I have attempted to fix by:
Uninstalling MCEBuddy, removing all config files and re-installing but this did not fix the issue, I have tried the following MCE profiles (MP4 high quality, MP4 normal, MP4 Fast, HEVC MP4) still did not fix the issue.

The Samsung spec for compatibility is: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Video
The iDealshare profile I used was called "H.264 Video HTML5 H.264 Video"
Does anybody have any Ideas on what to do next to make MCE generate Samsung compatible files?

I also own several older samsung smart TVs. None of them see samba shares anywhere on my network. They do however see dlna servers. My recommendation is to try a program like emby to stream to your tv. Just point it at your mcebuddy output folder and enable hardware transcoding. Ether that or try updating your current dlna server.

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We have a couple of Samsung TV’s for testing, none of them support Samba shares. We have to use a DLNA server like Serviio or the one that ships with the TV for the TV’s to see the MP4 files like @techpro2004 said.


Not sure what happened…
I am now using the MCEbuddy “MP4 Normal” profile, my Samsung TV now recognizes and plays my HDHomerun OTA recordings after converting & commercial removal by MCEbuddy. I know I tested this profile previously while troubleshooting??, maybe some other setting was different during that test?
Anyway all seems to be good now…
Thanks for your help!

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Last week the problem came back, no changes to WMC or HDhomerun software or firmware, I can only assume that Windows 10 updates may be causing the problem. Gave up on Windows Media Streaming and installed Universal Media Server (UMS), my Samsung TV now sees & plays all MP4 files. UMS seems to be a “light” application, has features that Windows Media Streaming does not.

You may want to check our, one of our favourite DLNA streaming servers, lightweight, powerful and custom profiles for Samsung TV’s (be sure to assign the correct model/year to minimize transcoding and maximize features - subtitle streaming etc)