Need Help with a Conversion

Hello I just spent a few hours trying to convert a tv show file that was converted from channels dvr via HDHomeRun. It played fine on my Mac, and on the channels dvr, my dvr is on the mac. However, it didn’t play on my Windows computer, and the file was marked as 0:00:00. I have converted files fine previously. There was no issues with the recording I could find on the DVR log.
I did the EDL, MPG, and JSON file. Mce buddy did not recognize it. It keeps saying file not found. Any ideas on what to do?

Thank you very much!

The New Adventures of Old Christine S01E01 2006-03-13 Pilot 2021-04-13-0429.edl (115 Bytes) The New Adventures of Old Christine S01E01 2006-03-13 Pilot 2021-04-13-0429.json (438 Bytes)

Just to clarify, the converted file not playing in windows or is the DVR recording not being picked up by MCEBuddy?

If it’s the former, please attach the conversion log. If it’s the latter please attach MCEBuddy.log (you can open the log folder by clicking on the logs link from MCEBuddy main screen)

It won’t convert on MCEbuddy. It says that the video is 0 mins, and 0 seconds long. It will only play on MAC. The only way it will play on windows is through VLC. I tried refreshing metadata and redownloading commercials with a new edl. That did not work.

Channels log

loc=0 skipped=42
loc=230 skipped=78
loc=11964 pkt=64 pid=256 what=“pat_and_pmt” offset=11776 length=376 contiguous=true changed=true packets=2
loc=0 skipped=8
loc=19748 pkt=106 pid=256 what=“pat_and_pmt” offset=19560 length=376 contiguous=true changed=true packets=2

Log link

I can’t access this link