Monitored directory being deleted

Greetings. Been using MCEBuddy for a few months. A couple weeks ago some strange behavior started happening. Previous, MCEBuddy worked perfectly.

I use NextPVR to record over the air tv shows. Works well with no issues. Once recording is completed, I utilize MCEBuddy to convert to mp4 and move converted files to another directory accessed by Plex. I have MCEBuddy delete the original video.

Everything was working fine. Original file and empty directory were deleted after conversion. A couple weeks ago along with the video file and directory, the monitored directory is also being deleted. This causes some cascading issues with Nextpvr because the directory is gone.

Can anyone think of a reason why this might be happening? Or is this not related to MCEBuddy?

Thanks in advance.

Can you attach your mdebuddy.log file and also include the name of the “monitored” directory which was deleted.